Outlander MKAL - Clue 2

Good morning everyone! Clue 2 of the Outlander MKAL is officially ready to download!  There is more knitting this week, which will hopefully keep everyone engaged a little longer, and it will continue to grow with the same slipped stitch details. I hope it isn't too boring, but I just wasn't quite ready to add the second color in yet...after all Claire doesn't even meet Jaime until 100 pages or so into the book! I'm definitely not complaining that they moved through that part of the plot fairly quickly in the TV show though. I mean really, throughout the whole first episode I was waiting with bated breath for her to go through the stones! Claire and Jaime

I have a couple pattern notes that may be helpful for this clue, based on the conversations that happened last week. First, I did intend for the first stitch to be slipped purl-wise with the yarn in front on both the right and wrong sides of the work. This creates a nice edge that looks finished, and I personally liked it that way. That being said, if you have been slipping the stitches with the yarn in the back then it is totally ok to continue doing so. As long as you stay consistent it will look just fine either way!

Second, on the increase rows, when you m1 next to a slipped stitch, be sure and make the new stitch with the bar from the row below, rather than the bar that is created when you slip the stitch. Otherwise, you will end up with a slightly larger hole. If you are having trouble with the m1, I posted alternate increase instructions in the JBW Group that you may want to check out!

Alright Sassenachs, I hope you enjoy clue 2 and if you are having any trouble at all feel free to contact me on Ravelry (RachelUnraveled)!! The lovely JBW group is also a great place to get help!

P.S. I am over the moon that the series has already been renewed for season 2. Suggestions on what type of pattern to do for next year's MKAL are welcome!