Outlander MKAL - Clue 3

Shepherd Sport in Fraser (color B) Enter Mr. Fraser....I mean, of course, color B! In clue 3, we will jump right in with the second color through striping and slipped stitches! A couple of things to note about the pattern, I found that continuing to slip the first stitch with both colors in front makes a nice neat edge. Then, move both colors to the back and drop the color that you are not using for that row. This will carry your colors up the side of the  work, while maintaining your neat slipped stitch edge. Otherwise, the pattern continues in much the same fashion as it has been, just with the addition of a second color! Head over to the JBW Ravelry group and join the wonderful group to chat about the pattern, see spoilers or ask questions!

I have been enjoying watching one of my favorite novels acted out on screen, and I am so looking forward to watching the story progress. So far it has been just stunning, and the knitwear eye candy has been so inspiring! Have you guys noticed those amazing arm warmers? I am inspired to grab something from my stash and cast on, they certainly look simple enough, but so useful! I can't wait to see what is in store for us in episode 3 this week, and in the meantime, happy knitting!

Mrs. Fitz's armwarmers...I want!

If you haven't yet joined in on the fun you can get the pattern on Ravlery here! Unfortunately the Beauchamps color in Shepherd Sport is sold out, but Fraser is still available and there are may other colors of Shepherd Sport to choose from! Also, you can still get your hands on the lovely Claire and Jaime inspired stitch markers from Spark!