Outlander MKAL - Clue 4

Welcome to clue 4 everyone, we're halfway there and it’s finally time to use those cable needles! In this clue, the slipped stitch columns begin “traveling” (like Claire through the stones!) to create an entwined pattern. The established stripe sequence will be maintained throughout this section, and the cable pattern will be formed by twisting the slipped stitches across the garter stitch background. At first glance this may seem complicated, and it may take a row or 2 to wrap your brain around how the stitches are moving. Just remember that the columns of slipped stitches should still be lined up, and they will continue to be the same color that they are already established as. The good news is that there is no increase row to worry about this time around! Something to keep in mind; when you are twisting the stitches right or left, you will slip the stitches that are the opposite color of your working yarn and knit the ones that are the same color. This way you maintain the lines of slipped stitches already established in earlier clues.

The stitches can be twisted using a cable needle, or they can be done without a cable needle. It is way faster to do it without a cable needle, so check out my video below where I demonstrate how to t1l and t1r without a cable needle:


Also, in the first row of clue 4, there is a slightly funky slipped stitch increase that I demonstrate in the video below!


I hope these videos help clarify any questions you may have about the traveling stitches, and definitely don't hesitate to contact me on Ravelry (RachelUnraveled) with any questions.

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