Outlander MKAL - Clue 6

Well everyone, we've made it! We are finally at the last clue, and it has been such a pleasure leading this mystery knit-a-long. I truly appreciate all of you that participated, and the wonderful community in the Jimmy Beans Wool group has been so fun to be a part of! For the final clue, you will be transitioning to the border, which will be knit entirely in color B. Built on a garter stitch foundation, this shetland lace mesh pattern perfectly compliments the garter stitch body of the shawl. It is a 4 row repeat that is super easy to memorize, and it can be repeated as many times as you like for a larger shawl! Since the lace pattern is garter stitch, the "pattern" rows are on the wrong side, and the "rest" rows are on the right side. This is a little different from normal, but since it is such a simple repeat I am sure you will all catch on quickly! If you’re not a lace knitter, or just prefer a simpler border, than a plain band of garter stitch would also look lovely!

Claire's shawl from the last episode was amazing! I love all the knitwear they've used so far!

Although I am sad that the MKAL is coming to an end, I'm sure you are all happy that you will soon have a cozy finished shawl to wrap up in this winter. At least we have 3 more episodes of the show to look forward to, and than another 8 early next year! I am so inspired by all the knitwear on the show that I have decided to design a companion arm warmer pattern to go with the shawl. It will be released with the second half of season 1 so watch for more info on that coming soon! I am also super inspired by the color palette on the show and will be developing some Outlander colors in my hand dyed yarn line soon!

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