Once Upon A Time MKAL - Clue 6

Once Upon A Time MKAL Well, we’ve reached the final clue in the OUAT MKAL! There are 2 sections left to finish the cowl, and I decided to combine these 2 sections into 1 clue, that way you have lots of time to finish them since the MKAL is over now!  For those of you that have more yardage or chose to do a shorter version, you can add more width to your cowl by repeating sections 3 and 4 as many times as you want, and then finishing with section 5.

After you finish this clue, and block your cowl, it should measure approximately 50 inches around and 6 inches wide. Just enough to double it around your neck for a nice cozy winter accessory!

Thanks so much for participating in the Once Upon A Time MKAL! It has been super fun and I hope you enjoy your fingerless mitts and cowl set. It is just getting into the cold weather here in Reno, so I know mine are going to come in handy shortly :)

The set just doesn't seem complete with out a matching hat, so I have a design in the works for that. Keep an eye on my blog for more info! Also check out my etsy shop because some new and exciting things will be coming out shortly!