Outlander MKAL 2015 - Clue 2

Welcome to clue 2 of the Outlander MKAL 2015 everyone! I hope you are enjoying it so far, I know I LOVED episode 9, and can't wait for the season to continue!


As I am sure you can tell by now, we are working the body of the shawl from side to side. Clue 2 is broken up into two sections, one of which will continue increasing, and the second begins decreasing. The location of the increases and decreases in sections 4 and 5 move to the garter panels in between the cables so that they have the appearance of growing apart, and then coming back together! It's a bit like how Craigh na Dun might bring people together or, just as easily, separate them.

I know there are a number of folks who have decided to use 2 colors for the shawl, one for the body, and another for the border. I think this will look amazing, however, if you have less than the 435 yards/skein then you may run a little short in the body since I designed it to use 1 full skein of Shepherd Sock. To help you guys figure out if you can complete the entire body in one skein, you will want to weigh what is left after section 4. This is the halfway point, so if you still have half your skein left, then you should have enough to complete the body. If not, then you will want to rip out one of the repeats of section 4, and also skip one of the repeats in section 5. This will cut a few inches out of the body, but don't worry, it will still be quite long, and you will be able to add a little more length to it in the border if you would like!

On the flip side, if you have extra yardage, and would like to make an extra long shawl, then you can repeat section 4 a few extra times (I wouldn't do too many because it will get too wide). Just make sure and add the same number of extra repeats to section 5 as well!

Other than that, the body of the shawl is continuing with the established cables and garter stitch so I am sure you will all have no troubles! In case anyone missed it, I put up a couple videos here so you can see how I do the reversible cables and yarn over at the beginning of a row! Aalways, feel free to stop into the JBW group on Ravelry for help and/or spoiler pictures! 

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