Outlander MKAL 2015 - Clue 3

This week the Outlander MKAL is just past the halfway mark! At the end of this clue you will have what looks like a small shawlette. We still have 2 more clues to go, so it definitely won't be staying that small...hint hint! 

In this clue, we will finish the body of the shawl by decreasing in the same manner that we increased in clue 1. It's more of the same, but don't worry, we will be changing things up a bit in the next clue! In order to maintain the yarn overs on the edge, you will do a double decrease on the decrease rows, and at the same time, you will be continuing with the cabling. 

As you work the next sections, you will want to remove the stitch markers as you go, so they are not caught in the decreases. Sometimes this will require slipping the first couple stitches off the needle in order to remove the marker, however, if you remember, you can always remove it on the wrong side row before the decrease!

Do any of you guys follow the MillaMia blog? They included last year's Outlander Shawl in their most recent post, so cool!

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