Outlander MKAL 2015 - Clue 4

It's finally time to move to a new section of the Outlander MKAL! Even though we bound off last week, we had a not quite so finished object :) The next 2 clues will add a border to finish off the shawl.

I know many of you have been wondering about those yarn overs on the edge of the shawl. They do look a little messy right now, however in this clue, you will pick up stitches into the yarn overs, which makes a nice row of eyelets where the border joins the body of the shawl. This combined with blocking, will even up any inconsistencies in the yarn overs!

The border begins with a few rows of garter stitch, followed by a simple lace section, and then a few more rows of garter. You will also continue increasing on the edges to maintain the elongated crescent shape. For those of you who made a smaller or larger body, go ahead and pick up as many stitches as there are yarn overs. You need to have an even number of stitches, so you can easily decrease away a stitch with a k2tog after the yarn over on row 2. Also, in the final row of the clue, be sure that the stitch marker added in the middle of the row is centered based on your number of stitches at that point.

For those of you who are interested in beading, I do have some recommendations. Since the lace in this section is completely composed of yarn overs paired with a decrease, it is a little too much to put a bead on every decrease (trust me a tried it!). Instead, I recommend putting a bead on every other decrease on rows 9 and 11. Since this lace pattern is pretty much reversible, you can put the bead on the first stitch in the K2tog. This will require approximately 270 beads

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Swirl Dk, available in my store!

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